The Triple ZR Tyre Guarantee

  1. All tyres purchased include free puncture repair warranty.
    Given the current state of roads in the UK, the risk of tyre failure as a result of a puncture has increased dramatically over the last 6 to 12 months.  And with the cost of repairing punctures averaging £15 to £20 per tyre that means a potential increase to your cost of motoring, not to mention the hassle of getting the repair work done. With the ZR Tyres Triple Guarantee the cost of repairing your puncture is covered in full*.

  2. Balancing charges includes a free re-balance during the life of the tyres.
    Most drivers have suffered the irritation of vibration through the steering wheel, usually as a result of the wheels being out of balance. In extreme cases these vibrations can build to a level that adversely affect the performance of the other steering and suspension parts on the vehicle, and need to be addressed. With the ZR Tyres Triple Guarantee we'll re-balance any purchased tyre to improve the life of the tyre and your driving experience*.

  3. Alignment charges includes a free re-check every 5,000 miles during the life of the tyres.
    Did you know that if your tyres are misaligned by just 4mm, it could add an extra 3% onto your fuel bill? For most drivers that equates to an average of £100 which can be saved if you keep the tyres on your vehicle correctly aligned.  With the ZR Tyres Triple Guarantee we'll check your vehicle's alignment using the latest equipment for free*.

* Terms and conditions apply

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