Porsche Boxster repaired by ZR tyres

5th March 2019

We recently had this very nice Porsche Boxster in to our depot to have a puncture repaired. 

All puncture repairs are carried out to the latest British Standard BSAU159.
The British standard ensures all repairs to vehicle tyres in the UK are able to perform in exactly the same way as the tyre was desgined.

If your car tyre has a puncture:

Fit the spare wheel (if applicable) as soon as you see the flat tyre. Driving on a tyre with a puncture could damage the tyre beyond repair.

If you don't have a spare tyre or are unable to fit the spare wheel try to have the tyre inflated enough to be able to drive the car to your nearest garage/tyre depot.

Don't keep inflating the tyre for days or weeks on end when you have a slow puncture as the sidewall of the tyre will become weaker & inevitably could cause the tyre to blow out.

If you can't drive your car beacuse of a punture, call a mobile tyre fitting service like Bush Tyres mobile fitting service who will arrange to have one of their tyre technicians to come to you to repair car tyre.

We also repair run flat tyres in accordance with the latest British Standards.



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