Lincoln roads have gone to pot

21st October 2013

More and more drivers are falling victim to the increasingly bad road conditions in and around Lincoln.

This is not surprising, after Lincolnshire was named the worst area in the country for potholes earlier this month.

Many vehicles are sustaining severe damage as a result of these pesky highway defects, which appear in the road when part of its surface erodes over time and then leaves a cavity.

This growing problem has surfaced due to a combination of the dramatic changes in temperatures with our cold winters and dry summers, together with a lack of funding to repair the roads.

Latest report

It seems the UK is in the midst of a pothole pandemic with drivers facing at least one of them per mile of road in this country, according to research.

A new report has revealed that Lincolnshire County Council has had to pay out the most in compensation, compared to other local authorities, for damage caused by poor road surfaces in 2012/13 - a sum totalling nearly £360,000.

The figures, released following a Freedom of Information request by Britannia Rescue, also showed that 1,412 people made claims for compensation against the county council during the same period, as a result of damage to their cars from potholes.

Tyre & Vehicle Damage

As the motorists who have put in claims will know, it is difficult to avoid hitting a pothole in the road. This is because they are not always visible or obvious. However, once you've driven across it, the damage is done.

Potholes are the culprits which cause damage not only to your tyres, but also to your car's suspension as well as wheels and steering alignment. For example, you may notice a difference in the way your car drives after running over such a defect. This could involve your steering wheel pulling to one particular side or there may be a vibration which wasn't there before.

What to do if you hit a pothole

If you've driven over a pothole and have noticed anything different with how your vehicle drives, you must have your car checked for damage by a professional tyre specialist. This will help ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users.

It is not worth taking any risks, according to the spokesman for ZR Tyres Lincoln.

He said: "Our specialist team advises any driver, who is unfortunate enough to damage their car by driving over a pothole, to get in touch with us. "

We are here to help and make sure your vehicle is roadworthy. We will carry out an inspection of your car which will include checking your tyres for damage as well as making sure your car's wheels and steering are aligned correctly."

As well as getting your car looked at, you should also report the defect to the highways authority at Lincolnshire County Council. This is so the appropriate repairs can be carried out to prevent other drivers sustaining damage to their vehicles.

Get in touch

If you are worried that your car may have been damaged by the bad road conditions, contact ZR Tyres Lincoln. The tyre and exhaust firm will offer you a friendly and reliable service as well as value for money. Visit us at the Pelham Centre in Canwick Road, Lincoln, or call our team on 01522 287 198.

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