Dangers of part worn tyres

27th August 2013

If your tyres need replacing, always have NEW tyres fitted

Don't be one of many drivers trying to save money by taking the risky route of buying part worn tyres, which could be unsafe and more costly in the long run.

As your local tyre experts, ZR Tyres Lincoln wants you to make the right choice when replacing your worn tyres.

Here we explain the hazards associated with part worn tyres, why you should choose new tyres over old tyres, and - how we can help

Dangers of part worn tyres

Part worn tyres taken from a vehicle to be resold must meet certain legal requirements. However, not all tyre dealers who deal in part worn tyres abide by the rules - meaning you could be sold tyres which do not meet these requirements and are therefore potentially unsafe. . This compromises the safety of everyone - yours, your passengers and other road users

An investigation by Tyre Safe, one of the UK's leading tyre safety organisations, based on a random sample of 50 second-hand tyres found 98 per cent of part worn tyres are sold illegally and 34 per cent of them contain dangerous forms of damage. This was.One of the main requirements for selling part worn tyres is that they should have undergone a detailed inspection, and be labelled as a part worn tyre. But even if these requirements are met, you could still be taking a big risk.

Further hazards

Part worn tyres have less tread than new tyres and therefore have less grip, especially when driving on wet roads. Less tread means part worn tyres cannot disperse  as much water from the road as new tyres which increases the  vehicle's braking distance and stopping distances.

A tyre is made up of many components, all of which can be damaged through every day driving. Some contributory factors that may damage the tyre include over or under-inflated tyres or, hitting a kerb or pot-hole in the road. But this type of damage to the tyre can be impossible to determine when carrying out a tyre inspection. This means you don't truly know what hidden faults are inside a part worn tyre.

Tyre cost

The initial purchase price of part worn tyre may seem more reasonable than buying brand new, but you need to consider how much usable tread the tyre has left.

New tyres usually have a tread depth of about 8mm, however – part worn tyres are unlikely to have anywhere near as much. The UK legal minimum of 1.6mm tread depth for part worn tyres means they will wear out fast and you will need to invest in some more tyres sooner than you'd hoped for if you opt for the  part worn variety. Our advice? Steer clear! You would be better off choosing new tyres which are durable, last and are, most importantly, safer.

We can give you peace of mind

ZR Tyres Lincoln promises to find you the 'right' tyre at the 'right' price

We only sell new tyres and with the biggest stock in town we are confident we will have something for all budgets. We sell all the big tyre brand names such as Michelin tyres, Dunlop tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Pirelli tyres, Continental tyres and some exclusive brands only available from ZR tyres.

You can visit our branch, call us, or search for and buy tyres on our website www.zrtyres.co.uk. When you buy tyres online we give you the choice of picking a branch where you can go to have your new tyres fitted – or have them have the tyres delivered to your home

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