4x4 vehicle tyres in Lincolnshire

24th October 2013

The 4x4 vehicle was primarily designed to be driven off-road but now it is becoming a popular choice of luxury car for use on all types of terrain within Lincolnshire.

The Land Rover and Range Rover have been firm favourites with the county's farming community for many years, however - townsfolk and city slickers want a slice of the 4x4 action now these vehicles are back in fashion.

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ZR Tyres Lincoln believes the 4x4 has many benefits suited to a range of different lifestyles, provided your 4x4 tyres are in tiptop condition.

Here, your local tyre expert reveals why the 4x4 has become so popular in this area, as well as explaining what you need to do to get the very best out of your vehicle.


The 4x4 has been modified and developed over the years, and there is now such a vast choice of different types. There really is something to suit all tastes with different brands and designs tailored for specific purposes - like off-roading or for family use.

The classic Land Rover Series One may remain a top choice for Lincolnshire farmers who need to travel across their muddy fields, but then there is the Land Rover's more deluxe Discovery and Range Rover models which are also perfect for off-roading.

Families living in Lincoln and the many surrounding towns and villages are also opting for these more luxurious 4x4s too - because they offer the very best benefits for drivers having to travel through rural areas like Lincolnshire.

There are other types of 4x4 as well, including the four-wheel drive pick-up and the 4x4 family car.

Key benefits
With our recent harsh winters, the 4x4 is the perfect vehicle to get you from 'A' to 'B' safely in the rural county of Lincolnshire during the colder months. This is thanks to the power in all four wheels of 4x4s which offers plenty of grip and added safety to be able to handle not just muddy tracks, but also thick snow and slippery ice.

While you may think big 4x4s would be more difficult to manoeuvre down narrow roads and through inner city roads than smaller vehicles, the heightened seating position these vehicles provide can actually give you a better sight of the road you are driving along - helping you to travel with ease wherever you need to go.

Other benefits which are attractive to motorists looking to buy a new car, include the fact that they are impressive to look at, as well as having plenty of room inside. And despite 4x4s having a past reputation as being gas-guzzlers, they have since been modified to be slightly more economical and fuel-efficient.


To get the most out of your 4x4 and its benefits, it is vital to keep your vehicle and tyres in good order. ZR Tyres Lincoln can help with this by giving your 4x4 tyres an inspection to ensure they are in the best possible condition.

A spokesman said: "We have a specialist team in Lincoln who can carry out the necessary checks for you - and if your 4x4 tyres happen to need replacing, we can advise you about the different options available to you."

ZR Tyres offers competitive prices on thousands of tyres which are in stock, to bring you the very best deals on price and quality.

For more information visit ZR Tyres at the Pelham Centre in Canwick Road, Lincoln, or call the team on 01522 287 198. Alternatively you can search for new 4x4 tyres using the firm's online service via the website. 

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