Continental Tyres Lincoln

Continental tyres Lincoln

The number one OE European tyre manufacturer (nearly 1 in 3 cars that come off production lines in Europe are fitted with Continental as standard). Number one tyre manufacturer in Europe car / light truck, number four worldwide.


Why buy Continental tyres from ZR Tyres Lincoln?

Our Canwick Road store is an accredited Continental Run Flat dealer. We have 50,000 car tyres in stock over all our depots. We forward order direct from Continental in Germany in container loads to get the best availability and to obtain the best price which we pass onto the customer. We are a preferred supplier to BMW UK so we have the best price & availability on Continental Run Flat/BMW tyres. We only fit what we quote for.

Continental Car Patterns

Continental ContiSportContact 5 P

Tread pattern Continental tyres Lincoln ContiSportContact 5 PNEW PATTERN.  The Continental ContiSportContact 5 P has been designed for high performance cars. Has precise steering and maximum grip under all conditions and has excellent braking properties. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable. Asymmetrical tread design for superior grip in the wet or dry.

Continental ContiSportContact 5

Tread pattern Continental ContiSportContact 5NEW PATTERN.  The Continental ContiSportContact 5 is suitable for sports vehicles or SUV's with sporting characteristics. Reduced fuel consumption, high mileage & shorter braking conditions in all weather conditions. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable.

OE on Mercedes, BMW

Continental ContiSportContact Vmax

Tread pattern Continental ContiSportContact VmaxThe Continental ContiSportContact Vmax is perfectly suited to the top end performance sector. Completely adapted to the high technical requirements that these vehicles require and capable of speeds up to 225mph. Reinforced sidewall & bead construction deliver precise steering response.

Continental ContiEcoContact 5

Tread pattern Continental ContiEcoContact 5NEW PATTERN.  The Continental ContiEcoContact 5 has been designed for compact cars and large saloons. Reduced rolling resistance with shorter stopping distances. Fuel efficient with excellent handling. Good braking in the wet or dry.

Continental ContiEcoContact 3

Tread pattern Continental ContiEcoContact 3The Continental ContiEcoContact 3 has been designed for small & compact cars. Excellent wear giving high mileage woth good protection against aquaplaning. Fuel efficient and reduces road noise for a quiet drive. Asymmetrical tread design for excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 2

Tread pattern Continental ContiPremiumContact 2The Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 has been designed for medium sized & luxury vehicles. Excellent driving stability giving a comfortable ride. Precise handling with protection against aquaplaning and optimal braking performance. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable.

OE on Smart Roadster, Mercedes, BMW 3 & 5 series

Continental 4x4 Patterns

Continental ContiCrossContact UHP

Tread pattern Continental ContiCrossContact UHPThe Continental ContiCrossContact UHP has been designed for high performance 4x4/SUV vehicles. Has exceptional cornering abilities with great protection against aquaplaning. Recommended for on road use. Asymmetrical profile improves cornering.

OE on Volvo, Mercedes M Class, BMW X5

Continetal ContiCrossContact LX

Tread pattern Continental ContiCrossContact LXThe Continental ContiCrossContact LX has been designed primarily for on road use but can be used for light off road duties. Has a balanced handling characteristic with superior water clearance. Helps reduce stopping distances.

Continental ContiCrossContact AT

Tread pattern Continental ContiCrossContact ATThe Continental ContiCrossContact AT has been designed for a balance between on road & off road use. Gives a smooth drive with a wear resistant tread for high mileage performance. Gives good cut & chip protection.

Continental Conti4x4SportContact

Tread pattern Continental Conti4x4SportContactThe Continental Conti4x4SportContact has been designed for high performance 4x4/SUV vehicles and predecessor to UHP above. For on road use with excellent handling and good cornering stability. Gives a comfortable and quiet ride.

OE on Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne & VW Toureg

Continental Conti4x4Contact

Tread pattern Continental Conti4x4Contact The Continental Conti4x4Contact has been designed for mainly on road duties but can be used for light off road duties as well. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable. Good protection against aquaplaning and gives a comfortable and quiet ride.

OE on Honda CRV, Freelander, VW Tiguan

Continental ContiTrac SUV

Tread pattern Continental ContiTrac SUV The Continental ContiTrac SUV has been designed for medium to heavy 4x4 vehicles. Suitable for mainly on road use but can be used for light off road duties. Excellent traction with minimal stone retention.

Continental Van Patterns

Continental Vanco 2

Tread pattern Continental Vanco 2The Continental Vanco 2 gives a car like performance for high powered, high payload vans. Excellent mileage potential with fast water dispersion. Designed for today's high powered, high payload vans.

Continental VancoEco

Tread pattern Continental VancoEcoNEW PATTERN. The Continental VancoEco has been designed for light commercial vehicles and vans. A cost effective tyre due to low rolling resistance which improves fuel efficiency. Shorter braking distances even on wet roads.

Continental VancoContact 2

Tread pattern Continetal VancoContact 2The Continetal VancoContact 2 has been developed for the car-derived van or transporter. Has outstanding mileage potential with a comfortable ride. Car-like tread pattern ensures great contact with the road. Safe and quiet.

Continental VancoCamper

Tread pattern Continetal VancoCamperThe Continetal VancoCamper is ideal for the motorhome. Has extra reinforcement to ensure optimum vehicle stability even under heavy rear payloads. Has kerbing protector and a smooth ride.



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