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Why choose ZR Tyres for Bridgestone?

We are registered Bridgestone First Stop Sites at all our depots. We are accredited Bridgestone Run Flat Suppliers. We are one of the few in the area (and the country!) that can fit Toyota RAV4 support ring tyres (Horncastle & Scunthorpe depots). We are a preferred supplier to BMW UK so we have the best price & availability on Bridgestone tyres Lincoln Run Flat/BMW tyres. We have 50,000 car tyres in stock over all our depots. We only fit what we quote for. We only use the best equipment to ensure we take care of your vehicle & your wheel. We order in container loads to get the best availability, and to obtain the best price which we pass onto the customer.

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Bridgestone Car tyre Patterns

Bridgestone S001

NEW PATTERN.  The Bridgestone S001 has been designed for the ultra high performance vehicle. Very well reviewed Bridgestone tyre which is influenced by experience in Formula 1. Advanced assymetrical tread design for outstanding performance in the wet or dry. Super slant grooves for rapid water evacuation to help prevent aquaplaning. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable.

OE on Aston Martin Rapide, Ferrari 458 Italia & Audi RS5

Bridgestone RE050A

The Bridgestone RE050A has been designed for the sporty & demanding driver. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable. Assymetrical tread design derived from Formula 1 technology for ultimate grip and response whether in the wet or dry. Outstanding grip in the wet.

OE for Bridgestone RE050A – Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus, Maserati, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo

Bridgestone RE050

The Bridgestone RE050 has been designed for the sports/high performance car. Superb wet grip with excellent handling performance from experience gained in F1. Run Flat technology sizes available where applicable. Directional tread design for improved grip in the wet or dry.

OE for Bridgestone RE050 – Aston Martin, Farrari, Porsche, Lexus, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes

Bridgestone T001

NEW PATTERN.  The Bridgestone T001has been launched to replace the Bridgestone ER300. Quieter tyre than the Bridgestone ER300 and meets the 2016 noise planned legislation. Superior fuel performance as has lighter weight construction with improved rolling resistance. Improved braking distance in the wet.

Bridgestone ER300 (Turanza Range)

The Bridgestone ER300 is part of the Turanza range which is made for touring. Has smooth, quiet & economical performance. Run Flat technology sizes available where applicable. Premium wet handling.

OE on Audi, BMW, Mercedes

Bridgestone EP150 (Ecopia Range)

NEW PATTERN.  The Bridgestone EP150 has been developed for the Ecopia range designed to be ecology friendly. This Bridgestone tyre has lower carbon emissions, improved mileage & a more efficient ride which when combined with a low rolling resistance makes it very fuel efficient.

Bridgestone B250

The Bridgestone B250 has been designed for the more compact vehicle (e.g. Yaris, Polo, Micra). Good balance between comfort, mileage and stability with high resistance to aquaplaning.

OE on Mercedes B Class

Bridgestone 4X4 Patterns

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

The Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport has been designed as an all round performer incorporating maximum traction off road and cruising comfort on it. Reliable handling in all conditions. Run Flat Technology sizes available where applicable. Asymmetric tread design for superb grip on larger rim sizes.

OE on Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5

Bridgestone Dueler All/Terrain 694

The Bridgestone Dueler All/Terrain 694 has been designed as an all terrain tread pattern with excellent on-road performance especially in the wet.  The "Shark Skin" technology reduces flow resistance on groove walls so improving drainage away from the blocks which reduces aquaplaning.

Bridgestone Dueler Highway/Terrain 689

The Bridgestone Dueler Highway/terrain 689 has been designed for a quiet comfortable ride with a well-balanced driving performance. Has a wide range of OE approvals. Small block and all-season tread pattern gives great grip in the wet.

Bridgestone Van Patterns

Bridgestone R630 (Duravis Range)

The Bridgestone R630 is part of the Duravis range for superior durability, reliability & increased tyre life. Equates to good fuel efficiency & low running costs. Rugged, durable performance for intensive commercial use.

Bridgestone R410 (Duravis Range)

The Bridgestone R410 is part of the Duravis range. Designed for small and car derived vans. High durability, high mileage and good performance in the wet.
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